At Dualium Management, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in finance, business, team and project management, and consultancy in multinational, industrial, service and family companies. We are committed to following a trajectory based on peak performance through the flexibility of our services as well as continuous training throughout the professional career of all members of our team.
“We differentiate by having:
  • Made-to-measure solutions
  • Independence, confidentiality and transparency
  • Local / global perspective
  • Commitment to the company
  • Our Team


    We are capable of providing valuable solutions, when implementing specific projects and during continuous assessment. Our clients perceive that knowledge must be one of the major assets in a company and must encourage, preserve and spread it.

    We want to get involved in your business and growing with you.

    We believe that the newest management and financial analysis techniques and tools are within reach of any company, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate.