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Due Diligence y captación de recursos privados

At Dualium Management we provide assessment for business buying and selling processes. We take part in all kinds of operations, including business acquisitions, mergers, demergers or strategic alliances. The main aim for our group of professionals is to maximise the performance of the operations in which they participate, protecting the interests of our clients and providing support during the entire process: preliminary strategic evaluation, due diligence during the buying or selling process, “post-transaction” integration or division of the business and other services, improvement of working capital, systems, processes and controls. Due Diligence: some cases In the national software and communications sector. After months of negotiation by the society with various European telecommunications companies, our participation meant a detailed evaluation of the clients’ portfolio and their level of accuracy, the completion of the society’s results projections and the resolution of telecommunications provisions contracts. These aspects, once evaluated and agreed (with the confidentiality appropriate for Due Diligence jobs), clarified the positions with regard to the transaction value. Flotation of an international trip reservations group. Auditing of the society with the aim of creating the mandatory portfolio for the CNMV in order to float the multinational company on the Spanish stock market.  Technology company specialising in made-to-measure developments and audio-visual communications on digital media. Experts in the management of ports and shipping, they have also developed applications for fire departments, international temping agencies and others. National company distributing electrical, renewable energy and plumbing materials which make up a network of 9 branches and over 20,000 metres squared, covering workshops, points of sale and warehouses. In this case, our participation was key in integrating our client into a national group through which we improved contribution margins and significantly optimised the structure. Within an Irish food distribution group, we integrated a regional chain of supermarkets in the group, carrying out Due Diligence in the buying process and supporting negotiations. Spanish group in the automobile sector, with three production centres in different automobile components autonomous communities. After working for several months, significant deviations were detected in the three-year plan for orders from the various factories which overestimated the projected value of the society. Our client substantially reduced the offer for the acquisition of shares and the transaction was not completed.