For the financial management of your business, we offer optimal solutions in order to maximise the profitability in financial and treasury areas, as well as management area, to achieve your objectives.

To achieve this, we provide the following services and responsibilities:

  • Internal audit of business, for accounting and management.
  • Drafting of reports of valuation over financial viability.
  • Study over the viability of future projects.
  • Development of annual budget: review, monitoring and management.
  • Development of whole quarterly reports over all areas which have vital importance.
  • We help to increase your professional contact network for finding growth opportunities (networking).
  • Negotiation with banking entities to achieve suitable financing -
  • Development of bank dossier
  • Planning annual accounting year end.


  • We offer traditional consultancy through a personalized and direct treatment.
  • We advise for the start up of new business
  • Business assessment, regarding to incoming or departing of partners.
  • Assessment over unit liquidation formulae
  • Nearing to potential customers
  • Assess entries into new markets, including the internationalization