Digital Transformation: Process Re-engineering admin 28/06/2022


One of the objectives of this type of project is to uncover inconsistencies in interactions within the organization and its relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. With this starting point, we focus on technology as a facilitator of task execution in the process.

The focus is not on digitizing processes, but rather on conceptualizing processes from a digital standpoint.

Another key aspect of our contribution focuses on training in digital talent and sharing the necessary knowledge for the successful execution of each phase in the selected Department of the Company. This training is essential for understanding the three major interaction blocks: technology-department-profitability in management. .
Each project is unique and focuses on a tested working methodology in numerous projects:
  • Job tasks and responsibilities
  • Interactions and flows of information and documentation.
  • Implementation of solutions.
  • Modification of work routines (adaptation).
  • Assessment of post-implementation results.
Transformación digital
We work in coordination with the team involved in the department and the organization’s information systems department.

Cada proyecto es único y se centra en una metodología de trabajo testada en numerosos proyectos:

  • Tareas y responsabilidades por puesto.
  • Interacciones y flujos de información y documentación.
  • Implantación de soluciones.
  • Modificación de las rutinas de trabajo (adecuación).
  • Valoración de resultados post-implementación.

Trabajamos de forma coordinada con el equipo implicado en el departamento y el departamento de sistemas de información de la organización.

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